Hi! I’m Alyssa!

How did I start designing professionally, you ask? Well, when I was studying music in college, lots of my fellow students wanted eye-catching designs for their senior recital posters. They also wanted someone to take the very intricate and sometimes tedious work of compiling a recital program off their hands. Enter Alyssa: a Type A, detail-oriented gal with a passion for design.

Today I still specialize in creating event posters and programs for individuals, opera companies, performing arts groups, and so on, and my experience in music as a performer gives me a unique perspective on how to prioritize and format information for audiences. But I also design logos, brochures, business cards, wedding invitations… I’m always excited to be presented with a unique project. I’m also the proud creator of “Vocal Rest Apparel,” another music school-inspired endeavor, and “Musicisms,” a collection of clothing and other custom products featuring music references and jokes.

Your design needs are—understandably—personal and unique, especially with the increasingly permeating presence of design in everyday life. Eye-catching materials can transform an average event into an extraordinary one, give a potential job candidate an edge over the competition or just bring extra excitement to everyday life. Explore the portfolio for examples of past work or contact me directly to discuss possibilities most suited for your occasion.

To get a quote on your custom project, you can contact me by email at design@alyssabrode.com. Please include as many details as you can for the most accurate quote possible. I’d love to hear from you!